Sanding & Refinishing

1. Legacy and craftsmanship: The business started in 1982 with Joseph learning different finishing aspects of the trade from his father, who worked on boat s ,wood as well as flooring finishes .This legacy of craftsmanship and attention to detail enhanced the work quality

2. Specialization and quality workmanship: Joseph implemented a unique approach to wood floor refinishing, breaking down the process into specialty parts to ensure that workers could master each aspect correctly. This focus on quality workmanship sets Scerri Quality apart from others in the industry.

3. Human touch vs. automation: While acknowledging the potential for automation in the future, Joseph emphasizes the importance of human skills in refinishing jobs. The ability to have a discerning eye, hand coordination, and a feel for the wood is crucial in achieving high-quality results that machines may struggle to replicate when someone operates without feeling.

4. Artistry in finishing: Applying finishes is described as an art form, requiring a creative touch and attention to detail. Joseph values hiring individuals with artistic sensibilities, even if they may not have a background in the flooring business, as they can contribute unique perspectives and produce visually pleasing results. The work is always owner supervised .

5. Problem-solving and customization: Not all wood floors are the same, and refinishing projects often require troubleshooting and imagination to address specific challenges such as damages, marks, or unique characteristics of the wood. Each project is approached with a customized mindset to ensure a high-quality outcome.

Overall, the story highlights the commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and artistry that defines Scerri Quality’s wood floor sanding and refinishing services. It emphasizes the importance of human skills and creativity in achieving exceptional results that go beyond the ordinary.