Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing our Hardwood Finish

Scerri Quality Wood Floors (& Paint) is known for offering New Yorkers the best walnut and mahogany wood flooring on the market today, as well as patterned hardwood flooring that will look great in your home.

When choosing a hardwood finish, there are several things to keep in mind. Most hardwood flooring is installed having already been “pre-finished,” which means it was stained elsewhere. That said, people like to pick out the kind of finish they’d like.

Choosing floors involves thinking about a number of factors. First, will the room (or rooms) it’ll be in be quite humid? Certain woods and finishes work better for bathrooms, laundry rooms and mudrooms. Plank-width is also a consideration– do you want narrow planks (the traditional look) or wider planks measuring 4 to 6 inches? What about “parquet flooring?” This involves geometric patterns on the flooring.

As for finishes and stains, consider that each type of wood has its unique natural color. Woods can range from light blonde to dark black, and how they end up looking in homes is ultimately mitigated by their finishes. For instance, there’s the “hand-scraped” look, which gives flooring an antique look. The opposite style, therefore, is the very clean and shiny finish. For the record, hardwood can be refinished several times over the years, and, in general, it ages well.

Did you know that floor finishes are usually made, in part, from oil or polyurethane? Oil-based finishes have a “matte look” to them, while the polyurethane ones are harder and more scratch resistant. One advantage of oil finishes is that spot touch-ups can be done to them if needed.

When you talk with someone from Scerri about hardwood finishes and such, you’re probably going to give them an idea of the overall look and feel you’re hoping for… best described in certain terms, such as “rustic,” “weathered,” or “earthy.” The better you’re able to describe what you want to the Scerri representative, the quicker it’ll be to zero in on a couple of favorite choices for your new flooring.

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