Hardwood Floor Installation, Refinishing, & Restoration

NY Featured in various publications and awarded for our expertise, Scerri Quality Wood Floors is one of the most esteemed hardwood flooring companies in Irvington, NY. Customers have relied on our hardwood flooring installation and refinishing services for nearly 40 years, and now we are also selling wholesale hardwood flooring products to retailers and distributors in the Northeastern U.S.

By combining “old world craftsmanship” with modern design, Scerri Quality Wood Floors will give you a hardwood floor that will last for years to come.

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Irvington, NY

At Scerri Quality Wood Floors, we offer a wide selection of high-quality hardwood floors. From prefinished to unfinished, engineered to solid wood, premade to custom designs, we can find and install the right flooring for you. We use dustless, environmentally friendly products that are both durable and visually appealing to ensure a wood floor that lasts a lifetime.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Irvington, NY

Known as one of the highest quality and most cost-conscious companies in the area, Scerri Quality Wood Floors can refinish and restore your hardwood floors to make them look like new. Refinishing is an artform that requires adaptability and an extreme attention to detail. At Scerri, we understand this, and it is why many Irvington residents trust us for their hardwood floor refinishing services.

Wholesale Hardwood Flooring – The Orange Label from Foress

In addition to our installation and refinishing services, we are also now selling the Orange Label from Foress to retailers and distributors in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. We are the U.S. representative for Holland Top Floor, and we put our trust in this high-quality flooring. We are promoting this product because we believe in it and the Dutch craftsmanship behind it.

Shipped right from Holland, the Orange Label offers the following features:

  • Herringbone
  • European wide plank oak
  • Can be nailed, glued, or floating floor
  • Finished or pre-finished
  • All custom orders If you’d like to order the Orange Label from us, contact Holland Top Floor U.S. at 646-235-9107 or at josephscerri@icloud.com. For hardwood flooring installation and refinishing services, contact Scerri Quality Wood Floors on our website or at 212-472-0671.

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