Waxing & Polishing

Scerri Quality Wood Floors has a long-standing tradition of working with paste wax and polishing techniques to create and maintain beautiful wood floors in high-end residential apartments and restaurants. Here are some key points highlighted in your description:


  1. **Traditional Approach**: Using paste wax and polishing as a final finish is a traditional method that has been favored in the past for its ability to create a rich, elegant look on wood floors. This method has been particularly popular in high-end residential spaces like apartments on Madison Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue.


  1. **Maintenance and Durability**: While wood floors finished with paste wax may show scuff marks over time, regular buffing and polishing can restore the floor to its original shine and luster. With proper maintenance, these floors can last for decades without the need for sanding or refinishing, showcasing a unique patina that adds to their charm and character.


  1. **Longevity and Patina**: By avoiding frequent sanding and refinishing, wood floors treated with paste wax can develop a unique patina that enhances their beauty over time. The small imperfections and wear marks contribute to the floor’s character, creating a look that is both elegant and timeless.


  1. **Client Satisfaction**: It’s clear that Scerri Quality Wood Floors has built a strong relationship with clients who appreciate the enduring beauty and longevity of wood floors treated with paste wax and polishing. By offering this specialized service and maintaining a commitment to quality craftsmanship, the company has been able to retain clients for many years.


  1. **Unsurpassed Beauty**: The beauty of wood floors treated with paste wax and polishing is described as unsurpassed, with the dark, rich finish of Ebony being particularly favored for its elegant appearance. This method of finishing wood floors can create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere in both residential and commercial settings.


Overall, the use of paste wax and polishing techniques by Scerri Quality Wood Floors exemplifies a dedication to preserving the beauty and character of wood floors through traditional methods that emphasize longevity, elegance, and the natural patina that develops over time.