Reasons to Have a Professional Do Your Hardwood Finish

There’s something about wood floors that people just love. Maybe they feel a connection to nature with the wood underfoot or they marvel at its natural beauty. One thing’s for sure: it’s better to have a professional do your hardwood finish than for you to attempt to do it yourself!  Frustratingly

Hardwood floor finishing/refinishing is something that takes time and experience to master. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to give the job to someone who has been doing it awhile, knows what they’re doing, has the tools and supplies to do it, and… isn’t you! Rather than try to save money and do it yourself, this is one of those times when you’re better off paying a professional to handle the messy and involved job.

To finish/refinish hardwood floors involves sanding, staining and applying the finish, and whomever does it has to be precise. One little mistake and you’ve got an awkward/ugly floor problem that can’t simply or cheaply be fixed.

Pros get the job done faster than do-it-yourselfers. For pros, it’s their job. For others, it’s their challenge. Even if you think you could do it yourself, you’d have to buy equipment and materials which a professional already has. You’d also have to learn how to actually do the job, from asking others, consulting books and/or watching videos. That’s a time-consuming process. Also, you’re likely to use smaller, less efficient machines to do the job, while a professional brings in heavy equipment that gets the job done better.

Have you ever been in a room where an amateur did traditional sanding? It kicks up a lot of dust. Someone has to clean up that dust. Professionals, on the other hand, have dust containment trailers to control most of the dust– they’re cleaner and more efficient.

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