The Importance of Flooring in Home Décor

Hardwood FlooringWhen decorating your home, there is one thing that brings the whole room together: the flooring. Without the right flooring, your room can have design elements in all the right places and still not look right. When choosing the ideal flooring for your room or home, there are many things to consider.

First, you should think about the functionality of the floors in accordance to the room you are redecorating. Remember, the floor will need to withstand wear and tear since it will receive the most impact of your everyday activities.

For example, if you are refinishing the living room, hardwood floors will add an elegant appeal to the room, ensuring it can withstand the foot traffic of the living room. However, when selecting flooring for say your bathroom, you will need to consider different factors, such as finding a floor that can handle a high level of moisture.

Another important consideration when choosing the right floors to balance your décor is the style. Color and pattern can greatly affect the mood of the room. Many choose light colors to promote calm and dark colors for warmth. You should also consider the lighting in the room you are redecorating, so you don’t choose a color too dark for the space.

Although you may have decided your ideal floor type, color and style, none of that matters if the installation process is a disaster. Scerri Quality Wood Floors Plus specializes in quality hardwood flooring installation as well as inlays, parquet floors, liming floors, herringbone flooring and European style wood floors. Scerri’s top notch reputation in the Manhattan, NY area has led them to creating beautiful flooring for celebrity clients like Ivanka Trump and Derek Jeter.

With each installation, Scerri Quality Wood Floors Plus takes your wants and needs into consideration to provide you with dream flooring that flawlessly coordinates with your home décor. For more information or to schedule your installation, call 212-472-5577.